OFFROAD ANIMAL Predator Bull Bar – Ford Raptor Next Gen (2022 – ON)


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Introducing the Next Gen Ford Ranger Raptor: the ultimate dual cab for those who want to drive off-road in style! This bad boy is built to take on the toughest terrain, with great suspension and awesome power. But why settle for the ordinary when you can make your Raptor stand out from the crowd with the Offroad Animal Predator bar? Not only does it look super aggressive and cool, but it also offers the best ground clearance of any competitor and miles ahead of the stock bumper. Plus, it’s ADR compliant and airbag compatible, so you can take it on the road with confidence. So why settle for a boring old dual cab when you can have a Raptor with a Predator bar? It’s like putting a lion’s mane on a lion. It’s just that ferocious. Just make sure to keep an eye out for other animals while you’re off-roading, because with the Predator bar, they’ll be the ones running away.

With the Offroad Animal Front bar, you’ll be able to show off your wild side with its sleek design and optional stealth hoop that can fit a 22″ LED light bar. Plus, its lightweight design means your Ranger will still be able to keep up with the fast crowd. And with its better airflow, your motor will stay cool during those long off-roading adventures.

But wait, there’s more! The Offroad Animal Front bar also comes with integrated recovery points, ADR compliance, airbag compatibility, and easy fitment of a winch. Plus, the winch can be fitted after the bar is already on, so you can have the best of both worlds. And for those stealthy off-roaders, the bar can even fit an LED light bar inside for that super cool look.

So why settle for the same old Vanilla bull bars when you can have the Offroad Animal Front bar? It’s tough, it’s sleek, and it’s ready to take on any off-roading adventure. Show off your wild and fun side with the Offroad Animal Front bar!

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Camera Relocation Kit *

Camera relocation kit for Next Gen Ford Ranger, Raptor and Everest
Only required if you want to relocate the camera into the bull bar if blocked by hoops or lights.
Not required if you want to leave the camera in grill.

Piggy Back Harness *

Piggy back harness for wiring your indicators for Ford NG Toro.

EGR Flare End Caps

This kit is designed to integrate with your EGR flares and Offroad Animal Bull bar for the RA Ranger 2022-Current.
It fits the flare and the bull bar to ensure a smooth transition to the bar and remove the step out.
Made from black Nylo

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  • Great protection for the front of your Raptor for animals and Offroad obstacles
  • Great place to mount a winch
  • Great place to mount lights
  • Great place to put antenna
  • Best ground clearance offered by any competitor and miles ahead of stock bumper
  • Looks, yep this bad boy looks great
  • Smaller bar means it weighs less so your Raptor can still be fast. Bar only adds 30kg to your vehicle, and only sticks out 160mm from the grill


  • ADR compliant, so legal for Australian Roads
  • Airbag compatible
  • Bumper replacement, with no cutting of bumper required
  • Optional top hoop- Stealth hoop which takes up to a 22″ LED light bar single row, or 2″ round tube
  • Welded one piece bar with welded wing suports for super toughness
  • Zinc plated then powder coated Matte black for great corrosion resistance
  • Hi Lift jacking points included in design
  • Suits all but the big competition winches including Warn Zeon
  • Works with factory fog lights or easily mount 2 Cube lights (per wing) or up to an 8″ LED light bar in each wing.
  • Number plate flip included for those running a winch
  • Can be colour coded to vehicle
  • Works with factory Tow Points

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